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Top Available Candidates for July 2019 — July 1, 2019

Top Available Candidates for July 2019

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Check out some of our latest available Top Candidates!

Geneva / Vaud

Hungarian Nanny 
Live-out, Geneva 60%-100%
Quietly confident Nanny with many years of experience in childcare and teaching is looking for a 60%-100% Nanny role with children from the ages of 6 months and up. She plays the piano and loves to dance and is looking for a family she can become part of and add value.
Hungarian Mother Tongue, English Fluent and Italian Fluent.
Available – August 2019

Nanny / Housekeeper
Live-out, Geneva 100%
The loveliest, warm, professional and experienced Nanny / Housekeeper is looking for her next family after finishing with two long term families as the kids are going to school. She has experience with newborns and up to school age children and is happy to do the housekeeping and cooking.
English Mother Tongue from Kenya with B Permit
Available – September 2019

Live-out, Geneva 50%-100%
Cheerful, very experienced  Nanny who has a Diploma in Childcare from the UK and over 12 years experience working with children from newborns and up to school age children is available immediately. She also volunteered in a Children’s English Literacy school. A lovely candidate who is sure to be a gem to any family.
Czech Mother Tongue, Fluent English and Good level of French.
Available – ASAP

Italian Nanny
Live-out, Geneva 100%
Cheerful, kind Nanny who we have placed previously is looking for next role – described as the “kindest nanny they have ever had” by a previous family, she is a true gem for a family looking for a Nanny to care for their children. Having had a few years experience as an AuPair and now as a Nanny she is ready to take on a new challenge.
Italian Mother Tongue, Good level English and French.
Available – August 2019

Zurich / Zug

Portuguese / Italian Nanny
Live out, Zug 80%~100%
Devoted and reliable nanny with 8 years in child care has recently finished with two long term families and is looking for a new full time role – experience with children from babies up to school age. She is also fluent in English and French and comes across as highly professional and passionate about her role in childcare.
Italian, Portuguese  French and English speaking.
Available – August 2019

Canadian Educator / Nanny
Zurich Live out Full-time or Part-time
After having worked in international schools for the last few years and being trained  as an educator, this Native English speaking Nanny is looking to change to a career as a Nanny for the next few years. Her key experience is with the ages of 3 and up. Professional, well spoken and enthusiastic on focussing not only on the care but also the development of the children.
English Mother Tongue, Basic German.
Available – August 2019

Native English Speaking Nanny
Zurich Live out Mondays & Thursdays
Nanny with over 18 years experience working with children, is looking for a part-time role for 2 days a week on Monday and Thursdays. Creative, fun and professional – a sure value add to any family looking for an experienced Nanny.
Mother Tongue English, Good level of German.
Available mid August 2019

Swiss Nanny / Housekeeper 
Zurich Live out Full-time or Part-time
During her numerous years of experience in childcare, she discovered her passion for working with children. She has experience working in a variety of childcare roles including au pair, nanny, private language teacher, and supervisor on school holiday camps. She is also happy to help in the household and has a creative side which she loves to explore with the children through arts and crafts
German Mother Tongue, English Native, Dutch fluent, French Fluent
Driver (needs practice).
Available August 2019

Italian Nanny
Zurich Live-out 50%~100%
Confident, warm and highly experienced candidate with many years of experience as a Nanny as well as within nursery environments is looking for a new position. After being with the same family for the last 7 years, the time has come for her to find a new role. Excellent references.
Italian, English very good and good  level German.
Available – 1 month notice.

Swiss German Nanny
Zurich Live out Full-time
After having completed het education in childcare in Switzerland and her years of experience in daycares, this lovely nanny is looking to work in a more personalised environment as a Nanny. Experienced with babies up to primary age children.
German and swiss german speaking with some basic english.
Available July / August 2019

Portuguese Nanny / Housekeeper
Zurich Live out Full-time
After having worked for a family we placed her with for the last 4.5 years, this mature and experienced nanny / housekeeper is looking for her next long term family. She has experience with all ages ranging from babies and up to primary age. If you are looking for a loyal. committed and hardworking Nanny / Housekeeper, this is the candidate for you!
Portuguese MT, English very good, basic german.
Available July / August 2019

All Areas Live-in

Polish Italian English Trilingual Nanny 
Open to ALL areas –  Live-in – Full-time
This fluent Italian and English speaking Polish Nanny is finishing her current role as a Nanny in the UK and looking to relocate abroad for her next role. She is described as firm and loving, always taking the best interests of the children at heart. A real asset to a family.
Polish MT, Italian fluent, English fluent.
Available August 019

Junior Nanny in Zurich 
Open to ALL areas – Live-in Full-time
Smiley and warm candidate who is looking for a new role from August after finishing a role we placed her in. She has worked an Nanny. AuPair and as a Teacher in a nursery. She has an educated background with children and is happy to help with housekeeping as well as childcare. She is happy to cook for the family. Her experience is with children from 2 years +.
Native Slovakian, English Good, German basic.
Available August 2019

Junior Nanny – Polish and English
Open to ALL areas – Live-in Full-time or Part-time
After finishing her role as an AuPair last year and having many years of experience babysitting and looking after her smaller siblings, this professional and down to earth Junior Nanny is looking for her next role. Experienced with babies and up to school age with great references.
Native Polish , English Good
Available September 2019

Native Swiss / French Speaking Nanny
Open to ALL areas – Live-in Full-time
As her contract is coming to an end in Switzerland, this Native French speaking Nanny is looking for her next family. She has worked in childcare for the last  17 years, and has travelled extensively working for VIP clients across the world.
She graduated in the field of early childhood, has first aid and trained as a Life Guard. She describes herself as sporty, organized, responsible and always in a good mood.

Native French and good english.
Available July / August 2019


We have so many amazing profiles and even more than listed here for live-in and live-out roles across Switzerland, so feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we can see how we can find you the perfect match! 

What does Rockmybaby actually Do? — February 14, 2019

What does Rockmybaby actually Do?

dreams of flight! child playing with toy airplane against the sk

We offer tailor made, personal solutions for your childcare and family needs. That includes live-in / live-out, full time / part times nannies, maternity nurses, housekeepers and babysitters. We offer you a choice of fully vetted candidates who have met our high recruiting standards and stringent background checks. Once you have selected the the candidate you think will best suit your family, we assist you with the legalities of hiring a household staff member, so you can breathe easy. We don’t just leave it there, we are always there to offer you support in your nanny / employer relationship!
Why not click on the link below and see some of our current top candidates waiting for you! January Top Candidates! –Top Candidates January 2019
A ritual or a routine? What is the difference? — November 23, 2018

A ritual or a routine? What is the difference?

A lovely post from our Head Office on Rituals & Routines

Rockmybaby® Total Childcare Solutions

A routine is something you HAVE to do. It does not have any thought, or love, and you end up on auto-pilot just doing something because you have to.

A ritual is something more meaningful, beautiful, well thought out, delivered with care, kindness, and something that children enjoy and want to be actively involved in.

If you think back to your own childhood, it is the rituals that are imprinted into your memory because it was something you looked forward to and enjoyed. It was special and meaningful.

cute child girl on cozy outdoor tea party in spring garden with

Do you  often smell a particular smell, or hear a particular song and it instantly takes you back to a joyful time? What was it that made it special? Think about when you have a bath. Do you just jump in, with the lights on? Or do you add in bubble bath, light candles, a face mask, and sink in to soak…

View original post 347 more words

Tips to get your children to eat well — November 6, 2018

Tips to get your children to eat well

Written  by our Rockmybaby London office

It can often be a daunting and frustrating task to get your children to eat meals, especially healthy ones.  Research suggests that it takes 10 to 15 tries before a child will actually eat, and like, a new food. How you present healthy foods may factor in as well. A recent study showed that school-aged children (7-10 years old) ate more carrots when they were served whole carrots versus when they were served diced carrots.

So try to stay positive and encourage healthy eating by following these tips from Rockmybaby Nanny Agency;

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  1. Be a good role model – children tend to mirror the eating habits of parents and carers. So if they see you snacking on healthy foods and eating well, they are likely to do the same.
  2. Try to plan ahead – sometimes this can be hard in our hectic lives, but if you plan healthy meals and snacks even a few days ahead then it takes the pressure off trying to find something last minute. An easy way to do this is to cut up vegetable sticks, such as carrot and cucumber, and have them ready in the fridge or bag when you are going out for a quick snack.  At meal time’s batch cook, maybe cook enough to last a couple of days or cook several meals at a time and have them throughout the week or freeze them for a later date.  If you are organised and relaxed, meal times start more relaxed.
  3. Get them involved in cooking – kids love helping, so if you can allow them to pick ingredients in the supermarket and then help with a simple dish such as home made pizza or chopping tomatoes for a pasta sauce (supervised with plastic or butter knife), they will be proud of what they have achieved and will want to eat it with the rest of the family.
  4. Encourage and praise – even if they only eat one pea or a piece of carrot that has been dipped in a sauce, its positive steps in the right direction and they should be praised for it.

Rockmybaby Nanny Agency always advises combining healthy eating with plenty of fluids, ideally water.

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