Difference between a Babysitter, AuPair, Nanny & Day Mother in Switzerland


Many clients have questions regarding the differences between a Nanny, Aupair and Babysitter. We have outlined the main differences below, which may enable you to better understand your needs and requirements. To discuss your childcare needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Rockmybaby® on info@rockmybaby.ch


A babysitter is someone who takes care of your child / children for a few hours on an ad hoc basis i.e. when you are going out for dinner or need to attend an appointment etc.

The main role of a babysitter is to care for your children in your absence, making them feel safe and secure and ensuring all their needs are met. In Switzerland, babysitters can range from the age of 13 upwards, are paid hourly and hold a first aid certificate. All Rockmybaby® babysitter’s are aged from 18 years onwards.


Depending on age of babysitter anything from 12CHF-20CHF per hour for a teenage babysitter to 25CHF-35CHF per hour for a more experienced babysitters . Experienced weekend Nannies (who do babysitting)  often charge 30CHF-35CHF per hour. Sundays are paid at standard rate plus 50%.

Working hours

Flexible, ad hoc hours, as needed. Not a fixed employment.


An au pair is normally a young foreign person who comes to a host country for a cultural experience, to live with the family on a 1 year work permit. (can be renewed for up to max 2 year period).  They are normally between the ages of 18 and 30. The childcare experience of the Aupair is generally limited.


The monthly cost of an Aupair to a family is between 1700CHF- 2000CHF per month including the Aupair’s pocket money allowance of approximately 700CHF-800CHF per month, language school, health and accident insurance, taxes, social contributions and pension (an extra person at the dinner table is also an additional cost)

Working hours

An Aupair works a maximum of 30 hours per week distributed over max 6 days per week, of which only 50% can be unsupervised without a parent. This type of arrangement suits a family who needs limited hours and is around half the time to supervise the AuPair.


Nannies usually have a childcare education and / or  experience caring for children as a Nanny or in a Childcare institution. They are employed by the family and their focus is on the care and development of the children. Nannies vary in age and experience and can either be live-in or live-out. A nanny takes care of all childcare related duties and works independently and no parental supervision is required. This suits a family who needs a more experienced person and needs either part-time or full-time care.


The salary of a nanny varies between 3800CHF – 6500CHF gross on average for a full-time (43-45 hours per week depending on canton) nanny depending on experience and qualifications and hours etc. For part-time nannies, they often charge 25CHF – 35CHF per hour gross. Nannies can be employed on either a full-time or part-time basis and as a live-in or live-out employee. This is done on a fixed arrangement with a contract.

Working hours

A nanny can work up to a maximum of 45-50 hours per week, of which all can be independently i.e. no parental supervision restrictions apply.

Nanny / Housekeepers

Nanny / Housekeepers are often requested through our agency who focus on childcare and housekeeping duties (housekeeping that is carried out whilst the children are either at school or in care of a parent for example). This has become a popular choice for parents with older children where the children are at school in the morning and come home in the afternoons. Salaries and working hours similar to Nannies.

Day Mother (Tagesmutter, Maman de Jour)

The Day Mother looks after up to 5 children in her own home. In this form of care, the children under her care are integrated into the everyday family life of the Day Mother. There is a shortage of day mothers in general so this option can be quite limited. The rates range from 10CHF – 12.50CHF per hour on average. Please contact your local town hall for this option as Rockmybaby does not provide Day mother recruitment.

For your Nanny, Aupair, Nanny / Housekeeper or Babysitter needs, please contact Rockmybaby on info@rockmybaby.ch and www.rockmybaby.ch

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