Lovely Top Candidates Available November 2023


All locations – LI, FT

Nanny with British Qualified Status

British Qualified Teacher Status – Currently in Austria, she has worked with 3 months old up to age 18 years old, 10 years experience with children, PE teacher worked in schools, nurseries, after school clubs, holiday camps. Early years education, sport coaching, nurseries, also experience with children on SEN. Recent doing summer camp in Austria, Ski season and running the baby unit for and also does volunteer clubs for children, lots of experience in both private and public.  She would say that she is highly organized and efficient. Able to multi task, she would say that she definitely have the ability to work with younger children especially those unable to communication, biggest strength trust straight away. Worked in UK, taught English as a second language.  Looking for a long term role as building a relationship is really important for her, she likes to have an impact and see the development of the child.

Super nanny, chef and housekeeper

A really great Candidate. Really loves to have a varied job with all the different household chores. Was a chef for many years, capable with all housekeeping duties. Has cared for children from 3 months old up. She is very creative and likes to incorporate that into planning exciting activities for the children. She has been a nanny, house manager and housekeeper, she can handle everything, nothing is a challenge for her.  There is never a problem, only a solution for her.  I think she would be a great fit for a family that needs a mature candidate, who can be trusted to get things done.

An experienced, meticulous housekeeper

A lovely, happy, outgoing candidate experienced as both a nanny and housekeeper.  Able to support the family with all tasks.  Experience of working with children of all ages. Supported the family in the cooking of food, getting the children ready for school and supporting with homework.  Her strengths are her experience.  She understands the need to be flexible, professional and adaptable to jump in and take over the role. She is also really organized and tidy, never gets involved in private family business, is very discreet.  

A fantastic all-rounder 

Mature, happy lady with lots of experience with children.  She started off her career at medical high school where she achieved a nursing diploma.  She then moved onto working with abandoned babies.  Looking after 8 babies as just one person on a shift made her realize that she would be able to achieve anything in life.   Lived in both Canada and the US as a nanny/housekeeper. She then continued her career working as a nanny, for different families.  She is experienced with children of all ages, large families, twins and new-borns. Also worked as a teacher’s assistant for children with special needs for infant and primary school aged children.  A well experienced candidate, able to deal with stressful situations in a calm and patient way.   



Zurich/Zug Part time

A degree in Pedagogy.

RMB HAS PLACED BEFORE – A cheerful and positive candidate, she has had experience of working as a nanny/au-pair in London, the US, Italy and Switzerland. She has a degree in pedagogy and completed her internship in Kindergarten schools. She is also very creative and likes to use her creative side when working with the children.  Stretching their imagination, through role-play, crafts and painting. She also is skilled in balloon art and face-painting.   A nanny that feels that children need boundaries and have clear rules and guidelines.  She has had experience of dealing with children of all ages from babies up to teenagers.  Available now.

A candidate that has been placed many times before with Rockmvbaby

TOP ENGLISH NATIVE CANDIDATE that Rockmybaby has placed many times before. A very lovely woman who has a positive outlook on life. She has worked with children from age 3 to 13 years of age Working with children is her passion, particularly younger children. She loves to see children develop and grow. She loves to plan activities that children find fun and exciting. She has also worked as a teacher and has taught a range of subjects from Reading to Science and loves to get the children engaged in discovering new things and having new experiences. Available now on Mondays and Wednesdays.

More than 13 years of professional experience

TOP CANDIDATE – Amazing, sweet nanny with more than 13 years of professional experience as both a nanny and a housekeeper. Rockmybaby placed her last August working part time, she is looking for another job to make up her hours.  She has experience of working with children from new-borns up to 7 years of age. She likes completing outdoor activities with the children and wants to avoid screen time.   She enjoys involving the children with baking and cooking. Teaches them independence. It is important for her to communicate well with the parents, listen to their expectations, and be a team. She is a warm and caring person, patient, playful, has a rich imagination, encourages children to ask questions and explore. Happy to help with preparing meals.

Zurich/Zug Full time

A nanny with teacher training diploma, TEFL and Maternity Nurse training

A WELL QUALIFIED NANNY with a teacher training diploma and also TEFL to teach English as a foreign language.  She has also been trained in using the Montessori method and encourages children to have hands on learning and collaborative play.  She has also completed her Maternity Nurse training.  Working both with families and in schools, she would say that a strength of hers is how quickly she builds up a relationship with the children.  She also loves to cook and is happy to do varied housekeeping tasks.  She has worked with children from 3 months up to 10 years of age.

Native British Career Nanny

TOP CANDIDATE RMB has placed several times. A well experienced Nanny who has worked with families in Europe and Asia.  She has a positive, happy outlook on life and especially enjoys working with new-borns up to toddler aged children. Her strengths lie in integrating well into a new family, building up strong relationships with the children and setting goals that stretch and challenge the children’s abilities. She always likes to do new things, she describes herself as a fun person to be around.  Her strengths lie in the way she cares for the children, she likes to be a friend to them and see the world through their eyes, always promoting good behavior.  She says she always has a range of activities on hand for the children from Arts and crafts to making mud pies!

A Fantastic, FaBe Qualified, Swiss German Nanny

TOP CANDIDATE Very easy, relaxed and calm. She is FaBe qualified, Swiss German native speaker, driver with Car. She has experience working in the Kita for 5 years and worked as a nanny for a family alongside that.  Builds up strong relationships with both the children and the parents.  Understands and able to support child development. Her wealth of experience means she is full of ideas and her classroom background makes her perfect for supporting homework.

A British Nanny with a nursing background

TOP CANDIDATE. – A lovely, well experienced nanny who has worked with children of all ages.  She has a degree in psychology and English, a background in emergency nursing and an adult teaching certificate. She has worked as a teaching assistant, a nursery assistant and as a nanny.  She enjoys planning fun, interactive activities to stimulate the children and has experience of working with children in small groups as well as one to one.  

Dedicated Swiss super nanny/housekeeper

TOP CANDIDATE-A nanny/housekeeper with great experience. She likes to dedicate herself with full enthusiasm and thereby contribute significantly to the success of the family.  She completes all activities from getting them ready for school, supporting them with their homework and taking them to after school activities.  She would say her strengths are that she is very patient with the children and calm.  She really enjoys her job, supporting the family and the development of the children.


Experienced teacher/tutor Qualified teacher, TEFL qualified

A WELL QUALIFIED very happy, positive lady who has always enjoyed working with children. She is very experienced and has worked as a nanny, teacher’s assistant, tutor and teacher in Spain, Australia and Ireland. Qualified teacher.  Has TEFL, qualified to teach English.  Experience of working with a range of ages.  She first likes to find out what the children are interested in and then base her activities around that. She likes to adapt to the child’s specific needs. 

A children’s yoga and dance teacher 

A LOVELY, SPORTY NANNY who loves to incorporate yoga and dance into her activities with the children.  She likes to focus on the children and their interests when planning activities.  She would say her strengths are that she is a very empathic and sensitive person.  She would say it’s important to get the children’s personality and understand them well. Understand and listen to the children and what they need. She is very flexible and happy to accommodate the family’s needs.  She likes to travel and to learn about different cultures.  


A well experienced nanny who has been working with children since 2010

A GREAT NANNY, RMB placed her with her last family and she worked with them for 5 years.  A qualified primary school teacher, so is able to support the children’s homework and developmental areas. She likes to help the children to develop themselves intellectually.  It gives her joy to see the progress the child has made, watching them grow into well educated, respectful and polite beings. She has also experience of working at the international schools in Geneva.

A nanny with a true passion for good child care.

Top Candidate –  She has worked as a maternity nurse, nanny and as a tutor. She is mature, professional and down to earth.  A career nanny who strongly believes the values of the family are always important.  Has a true passion for really good child care, always researching and improving her knowledge.  All her experience makes her a better and more confident nanny and maternity nurse.  Really loves the jobs and the roles.

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