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Hope you are well as the days get chillier! We wanted to share our latest Top Candidates. We have some fantastic candidates who are available to start ASAP and in the new year. We have listed some of the top candidates we have and their profiles – if you are interested in hearing more about their profiles, please contact us on or contact us to discuss any other childcare recruitment needs you have. As it is our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY this month – we are offering our clients who register with us in November 2022 and December 2022 and give us the code ROCKMYBABY10, a 10% discount on the placement fee.

See a selection of our Top Candidates below. We have many more!

We wish you all a lovely festive season ahead.

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Nanny with degree in Early Childhood Education

Very sweet and experienced nanny/educator. Worked with children of all ages as an English teacher and a nanny. She is very detail oriented, active, and sporty. Always tries to engage children to do fun and educational activities, and exploring nature. Currently works in Switzerland as a housekeeper on a campsite. She is a holder of the CELTA qualification, and a degree in Early Childhood education. Describes herself as very clean and neat, happy to help with all housekeeping and cooking when needed.  Available now.

Nanny with Master’s degree in Early Education

A very intelligent and cheerful nanny with a Masters’s Degree in Early Education. She has experience working with children from 6 months to 12 years of age. She has worked as a LO nanny, rota nanny, and housekeeper. Happy to help with household chores and cooking when needed. She is very flexible and punctual and used to working ad-hoc. She loves her job and feels confident in this profession, having knowledge and experience in children’s development. Available January 2023.

Super Nanny looking for a Live In role

TOP CANDIDATE A real gem of a lady. A really lovely mature age woman with a great wealth of experience of working with children.  She has worked with Children 2.5 up to school age. She understands that cleaning is part of the role, it is second nature to her.  Children and families have described her as a nanny that takes time to speak to the children individually, to listen to their needs and wants.   She always invests time and takes the children’s feelings into consideration.  She is also funny and has a great sense of humour.  This nanny loves to cook and everyone loves her food, especially her baking.  She is known as Aunty and quickly becomes a member of the family. She describes herself as being very thoughtful and loyal. Available now

A nanny, tutor and governess who likes to focus on learning!

A well experienced nanny who has been working in child care for 8 years with children aged from 2 years up to 12 years of age.  She has worked as a nanny, tutor and governess.  The teaching side of things is important for her and she tries to encourage the children to find out new things in everything they do. She really enjoys interacting with children, she is very active and likes to engage with them and follow child-led activities. A very organized and patient person, she loves to focus on learning in everything she does with the children.  She loves to incorporate playing and crafts with the children and enjoys going outside and having fun.  Available now

A multi-skilled nanny to manage your busy household

Lots of experience as a nanny/housekeeper for high end families. She describes herself as a person with lots of energy, which she puts into her housework and work with the children. She is experienced working with different aged children, the youngest being a 1-year-old.   All her jobs have been full on, where she has gained experience at different roles.  has experience of cleaning the property as well as working as a PA, dealing with contractors and organizing parties.  It is important for her to give the children awesome experiences. She is also very adaptable, it is important for her to get to know the family first and then deliver the service they expect. Available now.


Zurich/Zug Part time

Worked for the same family for 8 years, dedicated and loyal nanny

Really lovely lady, who has been working with the same family since 2014 and has really enjoyed seeing the changes from toddlers to teenagers

The children are now grown up and don’t really need her anymore, but the family don’t want to lose such a great nanny.   The importance of teaching them new things such as life skills, reading and creating crafts together.  She really believes in the holistic approach when working with children, developing their mind, body and soul.  She understands the importance of fitting in with the culture of the family and following the rules they set.  She believes it is important to involve the children in doing jobs around the house and to treat them like they are little humans, explaining clearly why it’s important to be kind and respectful. Available now.

Montessori Teacher looking for Part time work

A lovely, experienced candidate, who has worked with children up to age 12 as a nanny, tutor and teacher.  She completed her Montessori Teacher Training and this gives her insight on how to support children with their cognitive development.  She has been taught techniques to deal with children while they are having tantrums and also ways to develop their fine and gross motor skills.  Having lots of patience and building relationships with the children is very important to her and this enables her to set limits on their behavior.   She is happy to do light housekeeping duties and also to cook and bake for the children, her specialty is banana bread!  She is currently completing her Masters Degree in Luzern and is looking for part-time work that she can do alongside her studies. Available now.

An active nanny with circus skills!

A very positive, active, and sporty nanny, she has a strong skill set in sports, circus activities and she is also a trainer working with balance and ropes.  She really likes to pass these skills on, doing activities with the children that require focus and patience.  She used to run circus workshops for children and teenagers. She likes to help the children discover their strengths and ways to help them improve themselves. She believes it is important to build up their social skills and independence, to encourage them to become stronger in their self-confidence. She has experience in positions such as a teacher’s assistant and a sports coach.  She is flexible, always tries to adapt to the family’s needs and dynamics.  Available now.

Qualified Doctor-overcomes medical restrictions to help children feel included.

Just graduated from medical school, married a Swiss husband and is looking for part time work in the afternoons.  During her time in college, she worked as a tutor/nanny for over 3 years with children of all ages including a child with special needs.  She feels her strengths lie at being able to overcome medical restrictions the children might have and help them feel included. She once looked after a child who was gluten free and upset that he couldn’t eat the same food as his sister.  They looked at recipes together with the child and they baked lots of delicious food. It made the child feel listened to and included. Available now.


An experienced nanny with over 16 years in the profession.

An experienced Nanny who has worked as a nanny for over 16 years.  She is looking for a full time job from January 2023. She is very lovely and our UK office has actually placed her a few times. She has a degree in Paedagogy which she feels helps her understand more the needs of children and how to best plan activities for them. She has worked with children of different ages.  She would say that her strengths are that she is positive, full of energy and likes to have fun with the children. Available January 2023.

 British well-educated nanny – nurse and educator – 100%

Her career started in healthcare, achieved great success in the field, and decided to move to a more people-oriented occupation. For years, helping young children and teenagers with both mental and physical health challenges in England and Scotland. In addition, she studied psychology. From her love for children, decided to become a professional nanny and a teaching assistant in Switzerland. She believes that the key to working with children is communication and trust, as well as setting boundaries and simply having fun! English is her mother tongue, knows the basics of French and German. A driver. Available now

Nanny with masters degree in Psychology – 100%

A great, intelligent, young woman with a master’s degree in psychology. Worked with new-borns – to 12 y.o. She has had child-related experience since 2009. Currently looking for a stable job. A warm, kind nanny who tries to understand children’s needs and their points of view. Very good swimmer. She has knowledge of developmental psychology and is aware of the importance of mental health. Very empathic and helpful. Happy to organize all necessary housekeeping and cooking.

Nanny/Housekeeper with over 10 years experience in Singapore and Hong kong

A very experienced, positive thinking nanny/housekeeper who has recently moved to Switzerland after getting married and is looking for a new family to work with. She has worked for families for over ten years in Singapore and in Hong Kong and has experience of working with children from all ages. She has a passion to take care of the children and loves to sing to them and interact with them and complete arts and crafts. She is experienced at dealing with tantrums in a calm way. She is used to cooking for the families she works with and can cook Asian, western food, able to cook anything if she has a menu to follow.  Available now.


Amazing Nanny who worked with the same family since 2017, job ends March 2023 *previously placed by us.

TOP CANDIDATE – RMB has placed her with two families, and she is still working with the family we placed her in 2017.  The family she works with is now only part-time and she works in a Kita for the rest of the hours and that is the role she is looking to change. She has a holistic philosophy when bringing up the children and it is very important for her to build strong bonds with the children.  She likes to have a strong partnership with the parents, working with the parents and not against.  She feels it is important to show the children healthy boundaries.  For her, open, trusting relationships are the best, it enables both sides to be happy.  She has a Master of Art and Music, and she loves to bring her flute in and play for the children.  Available March 2023.

Swiss Early Education trained nanny looking for full time work.

Early Education trained candidate. She worked in a day-care as a group leader. Helped families around the world with children from 3 months old to 10 y.o from various cultural and language backgrounds (India, Tansania, England). Describes herself as creative and organized. She loves teaching, doing outdoors and indoors activities (crafts, baking, trips). She can understand children’ needs very well, and adjust to them easily. Happy to help with housekeeping when needed (for example when a baby is asleep).  Available now.


Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education – LIVE IN

A passionate, dedicated professional with deep knowledge of infants, babies, and toddlers’ development. She is also a sleep coach and a breastfeeding maternity nurse. Got her degree and improved her English skills at British Universities. Worked in nurseries, kindergartens, family support centers. Her employment history also includes managing a children’s facility. Great at scheduling and planning. Always ready to learn and improve. Now, after many years of working with multiple children, wants to focus on individual care. She will gladly help to support a child’s holistic development and hopes for finding a family for a longer commitment. Languages: Fluent in English, Polish is her mother tongue. Languages: knows the basis of German and French. Driver.

Eastern language expert nanny with a medical degree – 50-100%

Worked as a nanny and au pair from 2014 in a few European countries with up to 4 children (from newborns to teenagers). Very lovely and intelligent woman. She describes herself as patient and caring. Thanks to her medical degree, has significant knowledge about the holistic development of children. Still crave to learn and develop. Languages spoken: Native Hungarian speaker. Fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian, knows the basics of French.

Native English experienced nanny – Full time

TOP CANDIDATE. An experienced and intelligent nanny and teacher/tutor. (10 years in the profession). She has an Australian certificate in early education. Worked as a teacher’s assistant in kindergarten and English teacher, playgroup coordinator, and after-school care. Currently, works in the second year as an au pair in a family of 2 school-aged boys, and is looking for a new family. Has experience of working with children from 1 y.o to 13 y.o. Has a bachelor’s degree in international relations and the French language. She describes herself as a very patient person who believes in gentle parenting. Eden lets children explore, and be independent and creative. Also, she believes that it is very important to develop children’s emotional intelligence and set a good relationship with parents. Available now.


Mary Poppins experienced nanny – Full time 

A well experienced nanny, whom RMB has placed twice before. She has worked with children from 6 months old to 8 years of age. A strength of hers is that she like to build a strong relationship with the children she is a nanny for and she is still in touch with the children she has worked with and enjoys watching them grow.  She really enjoys her job as a nanny for her working with children is the best thing possible. Being able to watch them learn and teaching them new things.  She treats every child differently and helps them grow and develop.  She describes herself as affectionate and loving while still being firm. She really loves bringing creativity into her work with the children. She introduces crafts and music into the children’s lives and finds it helps them to relax.   Available now.

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