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Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Nanny Happy — August 30, 2013

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Nanny Happy


It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, if you feel undervalued, overworked and underpaid, you’re going to look for a new job.  And the same goes for your nanny.

A good nanny is hard to find so if you’ve found one, it’s important that you try to establish a good relationship based on mutual respect and consideration.

Here’s my top 5 tips to keep your nanny happy.

Tip One – Show Appreciation

Your nanny isn’t a competitor she’s an asset, so treat her with care.  Let her know you appreciate her, give her an occasional bonus or an unexpected perk.  Respect her free time too because even if she lives under your roof, she’s not on call 24 hours a day.  Make sure the children know that nanny is ‘out of bounds’ on her days off and that mummy/daddy are in charge.  If your nanny feels appreciated then she’ll be happy in her work.

Tip Two – Be Professional

As an employer, you need to be professional.  This means keeping on top of your paperwork obligations and paying your nanny’s salary on time.  It’s also a good idea to have some kind of petty cash system in place so that your nanny doesn’t have to dip into her own funds to pay for your expenses. Nobody likes to talk about money and if your nanny is regularly asking for reimbursements, it may get uncomfortable.  A professional relationship will earn you respect.

Tip Three – Explain Expectations

From the very beginning of your relationship, you should explain your expectations to your nanny.  If you want her to undertake other household duties in addition to caring for the children or have a specific way you would like her to do things , then establish this early on. Quite often we have expectations of our nanny, and when we don’t communicate them, they are not met and then all parties are not happy.

Tip Four – Communication is Key

If communication breaks down between you and your nanny, then this can quickly become a downward spiral.  So, keep communicating about the important things.  Have regular one-to-ones with your nanny – on an informal basis if possible and without the children – to highlight any concerns on both parts.  The longer something is left unsaid, the bigger it becomes.

Tip Five – Know Your Boundaries

It’s important your children know that nanny is in charge when she is working. Let her know you trust and respect her decisions, which will make her feel valued.

As you can see, having a happy relationship with your nanny is so important and it has a ripple effect on your whole household.  So I hope that these top 5 tips have helped you in some way.

If you have any tips for creating and sustaining a healthy relationship with your nanny, we’d love to hear from you.

Pros and Cons of a Live-in Nanny — July 28, 2013

Pros and Cons of a Live-in Nanny


When deciding to hire a live-in nanny, parents have to be aware of both the pros and cons and to carefully consider whether this arrangement would be suited to you and your family.

Pros of a Live-In Nanny

  • The nanny becomes part of the family, providing support to the family when parents have to work and need an extra pair of hands
  • Children are secure in having the same caregiver on a consistent basis
  • Live-in nannies have a more flexible schedule and can be there should you work late or need to leave early or watch the kids overnight
  • No need to rush the kids off to daycare before work early in the morning
  • You have someone you can use for babysitting (at an extra cost)
  • Live-in nannies often help with light housekeeping and run light errands
  • Live-in nanny salaries are more cost effective as you are providing the food and accommodation
  • There is some anecdotal evidence that the retention rate of a live-in nanny is better than their live-out counterparts

Cons of a Live-In Nanny

  • Monthly food and utility expenses will increase but this is evened out with the lower salary cost of a live-in nanny
  • Space needed in home to provide accommodation for the nanny
  • Less privacy as you are in essence sharing your private space with another person
  • May need to provide use of a car to the nanny
  • When you have a dispute can make things more awkward

Is a live-in nanny suited to your family?

  1. Do you mind having someone’s dirty socks lying around besides your family members?
  2. Can you deal with conflict constructively? Would you ignore the nanny in a conflict situation or communicate and resolve the issue openly?
  3. If your nanny comes home from a late night out, knocking over the pot plant on her way in, how would you react?
  4. Are you happy to have your nanny watch tv with you with her running commentaries?

What I’m trying to say here in a light hearted way is that hiring a live-in nanny is like accepting a new member into your family and that even though the family and nanny’s new lifestyle may need some adjustment, the pros outweigh the cons and can be the start to a long, mutually beneficial collaboration

Hello and welcome — July 27, 2013

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to my first blog post for Rockmybaby Switzerland. I hope you enjoy the information provided to you in this blog and look forward to sharing valuable and interesting information to both families and child caregivers alike.I know when I moved to Switzerland, I found it hard to find all the information I needed on our new life and home. Hopefully this  blog will provide some support in your questions around nannies and babysitters. My goal is to support families in finding their ideal child caregiver and to help child caregivers find their perfect family 🙂

I have also added some books I have read in the box on the right relating to children and parenting which I enjoyed and recommend.

≈ Tanya


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