Preparing for an interview – for nannies

Preparing for Interview.

We all know how exciting it is to hear that we have been successful in gaining an interview after applying for a position, but planning for this big occasion can cause some nervous anxiety. Here’s some advice for making the most of this exciting opportunity:

  • It’s important to remember that the client has chosen you above other applicants for a reason and therefore they believe you may be a good fit for their family! The next step is to ensure you are fully prepared and ready to demonstrate to the client why they should employ you above all other applicants.
  • Preparing well is the success to most things in life and is crucial to the interview process. Being prepared is a clear indication to the potential employer that you are organised and seriously committed to the position you have applied for. Remember that by ensuring you are well prepared, this reflects positively on how you may also take care of the most precious things in the employer’s life – their children.
  • As geography can make it difficult to interview in person at times, and because potential employers are interviewing for such an important position, many interviews are now completed over Skype or similar video conferencing apps. Many of us find this form of interaction much more difficult to really show off our skill set and particularly our personality. This is why, it is even more important to be prepared. Practice using Skype by video chatting with friends.. There’s nothing worse that arranging an interview, only to have the other person dealing with technical issues. Finally, remember that the interview is two sided. You will also need to decide whether you feel that the position is a good match for you.

Below are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Presentation – remember, first impressions count. Make sure you are well dressed, tidy and professional at all times. Even if the interview is over skype, they can see you!
  • Research – know the details of the position you have applied for and show enthusiasm for the role! Use the children/s names and ages in conversation. Let the employer know you are interested in their children; ask about them.
  • Requirements – ensure you have an idea of the job expectations beforehand. When asked questions, expand your answers, highlighting any previous experiences you have that reflect the question. Make sure you include in the conversation any special skills you may have in addition to the requirements. Be precise with your answers and stick to the point! Clarify any unclear job expectations during the interview and try to be positive and flexible where you can be; also be clear with your limits.
  • Paper work – Make sure your CV is at hand and also any written references you may have. This can help if you are asked to clarify anything precise such as previous employment length and dates.
  • The most important of all –Be confident, be yourself and smile!



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