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A ritual or a routine? What is the difference? — November 23, 2018

A ritual or a routine? What is the difference?

A lovely post from our Head Office on Rituals & Routines

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A routine is something you HAVE to do. It does not have any thought, or love, and you end up on auto-pilot just doing something because you have to.

A ritual is something more meaningful, beautiful, well thought out, delivered with care, kindness, and something that children enjoy and want to be actively involved in.

If you think back to your own childhood, it is the rituals that are imprinted into your memory because it was something you looked forward to and enjoyed. It was special and meaningful.

cute child girl on cozy outdoor tea party in spring garden with

Do you  often smell a particular smell, or hear a particular song and it instantly takes you back to a joyful time? What was it that made it special? Think about when you have a bath. Do you just jump in, with the lights on? Or do you add in bubble bath, light candles, a face mask, and sink in to soak…

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What are the benefits of registering with Rockmybaby® if you are a nanny? — May 11, 2017

What are the benefits of registering with Rockmybaby® if you are a nanny?

Cute baby girl sitting on tree playing with flowers outdoors. Childhood.

  • We prescreen families to ensure we find the right match for you
  • We help you find families that match your needs and requirements
  • We provided advice on interview techniques, CV compilation etc
  • Guidance is provided to both you and the family, in regards to Swiss legal employment obligations, job description, market salaries etc
  • We give support with employment contract and salary negotiations, to ensure you receive a fair / legal wage and employment contract
  • Support provided to you before and after your placement with a family should you have any questions or if any issues arise
  • Rockmybaby is a Partner with the Swiss Nanny Association and other Training Institutions to keep you up to date with the latest trends and trainings
  • Should your contract come to an end with a family, we will assist with placing you in a new position where possible

    We are here to support you and help you find the right family, to ensure a long and happy relationship, for all parties involved. If you would like to work with us – please send your CV to 

Preparing for an interview – for nannies — March 22, 2016

Preparing for an interview – for nannies

Preparing for Interview.

We all know how exciting it is to hear that we have been successful in gaining an interview after applying for a position, but planning for this big occasion can cause some nervous anxiety. Here’s some advice for making the most of this exciting opportunity:

  • It’s important to remember that the client has chosen you above other applicants for a reason and therefore they believe you may be a good fit for their family! The next step is to ensure you are fully prepared and ready to demonstrate to the client why they should employ you above all other applicants.
  • Preparing well is the success to most things in life and is crucial to the interview process. Being prepared is a clear indication to the potential employer that you are organised and seriously committed to the position you have applied for. Remember that by ensuring you are well prepared, this reflects positively on how you may also take care of the most precious things in the employer’s life – their children.
  • As geography can make it difficult to interview in person at times, and because potential employers are interviewing for such an important position, many interviews are now completed over Skype or similar video conferencing apps. Many of us find this form of interaction much more difficult to really show off our skill set and particularly our personality. This is why, it is even more important to be prepared. Practice using Skype by video chatting with friends.. There’s nothing worse that arranging an interview, only to have the other person dealing with technical issues. Finally, remember that the interview is two sided. You will also need to decide whether you feel that the position is a good match for you.

Below are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Presentation – remember, first impressions count. Make sure you are well dressed, tidy and professional at all times. Even if the interview is over skype, they can see you!
  • Research – know the details of the position you have applied for and show enthusiasm for the role! Use the children/s names and ages in conversation. Let the employer know you are interested in their children; ask about them.
  • Requirements – ensure you have an idea of the job expectations beforehand. When asked questions, expand your answers, highlighting any previous experiences you have that reflect the question. Make sure you include in the conversation any special skills you may have in addition to the requirements. Be precise with your answers and stick to the point! Clarify any unclear job expectations during the interview and try to be positive and flexible where you can be; also be clear with your limits.
  • Paper work – Make sure your CV is at hand and also any written references you may have. This can help if you are asked to clarify anything precise such as previous employment length and dates.
  • The most important of all –Be confident, be yourself and smile!



Average Salaries for Nannies in Switzerland — March 22, 2015

Average Salaries for Nannies in Switzerland


Full-time live –in and live-out nanny salaries range between 3600CHF  – 5500CHF per month gross on average depending on experience and qualifications and number of hours worked per month (full time standard hours are 43 hours a week in Zurich for nannies – each canton varies on standard hours too). For live-in nannies, an amount of 990CHF can be deducted from their salaries for food and accommodation. Hourly rates for nannies range on average between 25CHF-35CHF per hour gross , once again depending on experience and qualifications.

On top of the gross salary, the employer has to add his/ her contributions to AHV / AVS as per below, Accident Insurance and BVG (if salary above annual threshold of 21 150CHF). The employer is also responsible for deducting the employee contributions from the monthly gross salary and paying them to the appropriate institutions.

Below is a table outlining a gross monthly salary of 4000CHF and the relevant social deductions for the AHV / AVS – this is an example based on Zurich AHV office rates. Each canton varies slightly but this will give you a general idea.

Social Contributions % Basis Amount Employee Amount Employer Total
AVS /AHV/IV/EO 10.30 4’000 206.00 206.00 412.00
Family Fund 1.10 4’000. 44.00 44.00
Unemployment Insurance 2.20 4’000 44.00 44.00 88.00
Admin Costs AHV 5.00 412.00 20.60 20.60
Amount in CHF     250.00 314.60  
Total social deductions (to be billed to employer) 564.60

Additional, the BVG amount is dependent on age of the person and salary and is paid half by employer and half by employee. The employer is billed for total amount.

The occupational accident insurance is paid for by the employer and the non-occupational insurance is usually deducted from the employee’s salary however the employer has to organize both insurance policies.

There is a minimum salary range for domestic staff including nannies in Switzerland based on experience and qualifications – please see attachment (some cantons have slight variations)

For further details on salaries for nannies and contributions etc, see blog posts under Category “Switzerland Nanny Salaries etc”

Disclaimer – Rockmybaby ® is not an employment lawyer nor specialises in employment law and strongly suggests seeking advice from a lawyer when drawing up an employment contract. This post is intended for information purposes only and Rockmybaby® Switzerland cannot be held liable for any incorrect information. 

Difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair in Switzerland? — December 10, 2014

Difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair in Switzerland?


A question we often get asked is “What is the difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair?” They are indeed very different and suitability for your family really depends on your needs and situation. For a stay at home mom who needs an extra pair of hands or for a family that needs a few hours a week whilst parents work, an Aupair is perfect, For a family that needs more hours and sole independent care of their children, a nanny will be more suitable. Some differences between a nanny and an aupair are listed below.

Au Pairs Live-in Nannies
Overview An au pair is normally a young foreign person who comes to a host country for a cultural experience, to live with the family on a 1 year work permit. They are normally between the ages of 19 and 30. The childcare experience of the aupair is generally limited. Live-in Nannies are experienced in childcare, with related childcare references and join the family as an employee. Nannies vary in age and experience and can either perform solely nanny duties or also take on a nanny/ housekeeper role.
Costs The cost of an aupair to a family is between 1500CHF-1800CHF per month including the aupairs allowance of approximately 700-800CHF per month, language school, health and accident insurance, taxes, social contributions and pension. The cost of a live-in nanny to a family is on average between 3200CHF-5000CHF per month (depending on experience) including costs for social contributions, taxes, insurances and pension.
Work hours An aupair works max 30 hours per week distributed over 6 days per week, of which only 50% can be unsupervised without a parent. A live-in nanny can work up to a maximum of 50 hours per week, of which all can be independently i.e. no parental supervision restrictions apply.

Rockmybaby can provide you with live-in nannies and should you require an aupair we have various partner aupair agencies we can refer you to. Please contact Tanya on to discuss your needs.

What points to include in your nanny employment contract — June 19, 2014

What points to include in your nanny employment contract

Once you have found that perfect nanny, it is very important to put put together an employment contract to ensure both you and the nanny are protected legally. In Switzerland, there are Standard Employment Contract regulations for Domestic Staff including nannies. It is very important to bear these in mind when drawing up a contract including minimum salaries.

I have listed below some key points to include in your nanny contract

  1. Include full name and addresses of both the employee and employer, contact details
  2. List the start date and whether the contract is open ended or fixed
  3. Outline the duties and responsibilities required in detail
  4. Salary and contributions / deductions
  5. Room and board provision if relevant
  6. Working hours, overtime etc
  7. Include a Confidentiality Clause
  8. Grievance procedure
  9. Termination, notice and probation clauses
  10. Holidays, illness etc
  11. Contact details to call in an emergency
  12. Special clauses / agreements

Rockmybaby now provides a separate service to assist families with setting up the employment relationship with the nanny including providing a draft contract, assistance with setting up social contributions, insurances and pensions. Please contact us for further details.

Disclaimer – Rockmybaby ®  is not an employment lawyer nor specialises in employment law and strongly suggests seeking advice from a lawyer when drawing up an employment contract

Maternity Nurse Demand on the rise in Switzerland — April 2, 2014

Maternity Nurse Demand on the rise in Switzerland


Maternity nurses are well known in the UK and US and other parts of Europe, but over the last few months we have definitely seen a rise in the demand for maternity nurses in Switzerland – so what is a maternity nurse?

A Maternity Nurse helps the Mother from the time she leaves the hospital until she and her baby are settled into a routine at home; providing night time care of baby, assisting with breastfeeding / bottle feeding, bathing and many other aspects of newborn care.

Having the knowledge, guidance along with the hands on support the Maternity Nurse will provide, helps create confidence with new parents and with their newest addition as well as helping parents to establish solid routines. And of course providing much needed rest to the parents – making everyone happier and able to cope with daily life better. I remember as a two time mom to newborns how this service would have been very welcome had I known about it..

A Maternity Nurse will usually be on call 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week however this can be negotiated. Most of our maternity nurses only offer live-in care as they are based internationally (we have a handful locally)

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your maternity nurse requirements.


A great book for child carers and parents — August 7, 2013