What points to include in your nanny employment contract

Once you have found that perfect nanny, it is very important to put put together an employment contract to ensure both you and the nanny are protected legally. In Switzerland, there are Standard Employment Contract regulations for Domestic Staff including nannies. It is very important to bear these in mind when drawing up a contract including minimum salaries.

I have listed below some key points to include in your nanny contract

  1. Include full name and addresses of both the employee and employer, contact details
  2. List the start date and whether the contract is open ended or fixed
  3. Outline the duties and responsibilities required in detail
  4. Salary and contributions / deductions
  5. Room and board provision if relevant
  6. Working hours, overtime etc
  7. Include a Confidentiality Clause
  8. Grievance procedure
  9. Termination, notice and probation clauses
  10. Holidays, illness etc
  11. Contact details to call in an emergency
  12. Special clauses / agreements

Rockmybaby now provides a separate service to assist families with setting up the employment relationship with the nanny including providing a draft contract, assistance with setting up social contributions, insurances and pensions. Please contact us for further details.

Disclaimer – Rockmybaby ®  is not an employment lawyer nor specialises in employment law and strongly suggests seeking advice from a lawyer when drawing up an employment contract

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