The Swiss School System

My oldest daughter of nearly 4 starts Kindergarten in August this year and she will be entering the swiss school system. As an international mom, of course I worry if this is the right system for her as her german is almost non-existant, and I worry she will feel excluded. The reason we have chosen the swiss system is mainly because we are planning to stay in Switzerand and would like her to build friendships with those in our area and that she gets well integrated into the german language and community. So fingers crossed all goes well and hopefully she will move with some of her friends from the local playgroup to the kindergarten. Nonetheless I am still a little nervous about it all and hence have been doing some research into the whole system.

I recently found a very interesting website with some detailed information on the swiss school system which I found very interesting and wanted to share with you as I am sure some of you may be facing the same decision. You can follow the link here to get more information.

Below is a diagram summary taken from the website on the different levels of the swiss education system


Read Steady Relocate Zurich are also holding a course in Zurich on the swiss school system in English in April, which may be of interest to you – check out the details here

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