Great tips for babysitters and nannies on safety

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Looking after someone else’s children is serious business – the same goes for your own personal safety.  Whether you are a first time babysitter or a very experienced sitter, ensuring you follow safe guidelines is paramount to your own safety.


Accepting a babysitting booking – ensure that when you accept a babysitting job you are comfortable with the ages of children in your care. When calling to introduce yourself to a new client – ask questions to get an overview of their home and environment.

These can include;

  •  Is the house number visible from the road?
  • Which door is used for entry – front, side, or back door, is lighting adequate?
  • Am I able to park safely/legally and within walking distance of the entrance?
  • Is the road accessible in all weather conditions? – especially for rural properties.
  • Are there any pets at home?
  • Will there be any other adults in…

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