Nanny vs Daycare

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Nanny vs Daycare

Being in the situation myself and having to decide between a nanny and daycare and experiencing both, I can definitely see the pros and cons in both options and really at the end of the day will depend on the family’s circumstances, support network, financial abilities etc. From personally having a nanny and of course running a nanny agency, I have highlighted the biggest pros of having a nanny below –

Nanny’s can be more economical when you have more than one child

Families with more than one child will find that daycare costs get more expensive with each child and a nanny can be a more economical option overall.


Being a working parent and trying to manage the work times and daycare drop off / pick up times can be a nightmare. I remember when I worked in a corporate environment and my boss asked me to work late, I would need to find a plan B to accommodate collecting my daughter in time. Mornings are also less stressful as the nanny comes to your home and you don’t need to rush to get your child/ children dressed and fed before you leave. You can set the nannies schedule to accommodate your working times, which is a huge stress relief. Oh yes and no more worrying about traffic jams / late public transport and being in time to fetch your child before the doors close!

One on one care

Often in daycares the children are in a group of 10 + and if I remember for babies the ratio was one carer to 3 babies in our daycare – obviously with a nanny your child / children have sole focused care and attention at all times. By having a nanny, she becomes part of the family, someone you can build a personalized relationship with and that makes a huge difference. Here you can share your parenting philosophies and ensure you are on the same page when it comes to instilling discipline, learnings etc.

Being able to go to work when your child is ill

My first daughter started daycare when she was 5 months old – I must be honest and say it was one of the hardest times. She was consistently ill from the germs at daycare and we spent most weekends visiting the Children’s Hospital in Zurich. At one point we thought she had something wrong with her as she was always ill, but we were reassured by the doctors this was “normal” and that she would grow out of it. We decided to change to a nanny solution, which was much better for us all as I was consistently off work and to this day I am surprised I was not laid off as I was off almost weekly until we got a nanny. The nanny brought huge relief and we were able to regain some normality to our working lives again and weekends were spent at home instead of at the hospital! My daughter is now healthy and happy and even though she goes to school daily I am amazed how resilient she is to germs now.. so perhaps there were some benefits to the daycare in that regard too J

Your child is cared for in your own home

Knowing your child is being cared for by one person in the comfort of your own home is reassuring – knowing they can have a peaceful nap, surrounded by their own toys and things made me feel very at ease.

Nannies can help with light housekeeping

Depending on the agreement, some nannies are happy to help with all child related housekeeping and others may be happy to help with additional household duties, which is a huge help as working parents. We asked our nanny to make us all dinner, which was a huge help.

Learning another language

You may choose to have a German or French speaking nanny to get your little one used to a new language – this has huge benefits and will replace the need for extra language lessons J


Whether you choose a nanny or daycare, it really is a personal choice taking different aspects and circumstances into consideration.

Every situation is different and for sure daycares are fantastic services too, it’s all a matter of what’s best for you.

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