Employing a Maternity Nurse

A Mothers Embrace

Maternity Nurses are here to help with your new arrival/s, support moms post-partum and help mom and baby settle into a routine, provide night time care, assist with breastfeeding / bottle feeding, bathing and many other aspects of new born care. .

Having the knowledge, guidance  along with hands on support the Maternity Nurse will provide, helps create confidence with new parents and with their newest addition as well as helping parents to establish solid routines.

A Maternity Nurse will usually be on call 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week however this can be negotiated. Most of our maternity nurses only offer live-in care as they are based internationally

Costs & Salary Guide

Maternity nurses work either 6 days, 24hours or 5 days 24 hours or can be focused more on just days and nights. Maternity nurses are self employed, so they are responsible for their own tax and insurance deductions (please ensure you have accident insurance for staff in you’re your home). The travel to and from the booking is to be paid by the family for maternity nurses that travel from abroad or from another city.

A general guide to charges is listed below and will depend on qualifications & experience. The salary is quoted per 24 hours or gross per hour for overnights only.


Single baby – 180CHF-300CHF per 24 hours

Twins – 290cHF-330CHF per 24 hours

Triplets – TBD

These fees are negotiable with the maternity nurses.


Rate 25CHF per hour

Booking a Maternity Nurse

We strongly suggest you book in advance for your maternity nurse requirements – as our Maternity Nurses are often booked months in advance. To avoid disappointment, we suggest when the mother is approx. 4months pregnant to start looking and interviewing possible candidates, followed by securing your Maternity Nurse. If baby is overdue – the book Maternity Nurse should be paid a retainer of 50% of the agreed salary. We can of course always see who is available at short notoce and try help you best we can as we work together with our London agency to ensure we have a quality pool of candidates.

Please contact Tanya, to discuss your maternity nurse needs – tanya@rockmybaby.ch

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