Tips for interviewing potential nannies


Understanding the role of a nanny, conducting interviews and establishing an open, professional relationship are all things that any employer can do to help make employing a nanny a success.

Ideally interview 2-3 candidates to make a comparison unless you find your perfect nanny from your 1st interview. Have interview questions prepared to provide structure to your interview.

Interviewing your nanny:

  • Inform the nanny about your family life and children,
  • Describe the job description, hours, holidays, housekeeping requirements etc,
  • Try ask the nanny open-ended questions, so as to get detailed answers from her i.e
  • What would you do in XYZ situation?etc,
  • Ask the nanny to tell you about herself, and what she is looking for in a new job,
  • Go through the nanny’s CV in detail, asking her to describe each nanny position and why she left,
  • Run through a list of questions relating to the nanny’s abilities as a childcare,
  • Views on discipline, activities for the children etc,
  • Ask the nanny if she has any specific questions,
  • Encourage the nanny to ask questions.

Call your best candidates back for a second interview. Give them a chance to spend some time with your children, to go through the finer details and any outstanding questions they may have. With live-in nannies – we actually recommend a trial weekend or week prior ro the nanny moving in permanently.

Finally, trust your intuition.

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