Surviving the holidays!


Jingle bells jingle bells! Tra la la la la 🙂

Christmas is just around the corner and I can definitely feel the christmas spirits with all the lovely christmas markets I’ve been too.. lots of yummy Gluhwein and roasted chestnuts.

Christmas is magical but it also seems to bring lot of things to do baking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping gifts! And that does not include all of the day to day stuff required just to keep your family moving forward like making sure there is enough milk in the fridge and getting the homework done.

Hectic as Christmas is, remember Christmas is magical when seen through the eyes of children.   Here are some ideas to keep you and your little ones happy and maintain your own sanity!

  • Let the kids makes their own Christmas lists and tell them that Santa Klaus (Samiclaus) likes to see lots of drawings and decorations – the more elaborate and time-consuming the better!
  • Bake a cake – from a mix!! Why not? Sometimes when kids want to cook, they really want to break an egg, stir the batter and lick the spoon.  Guess what? Mission accomplished!   The kids are happy and you spent time together but not cooking for hours and dirtying every dish in the kitchen. Then get lots fun sprinkles and let them decorate!
  • Bake and decorate christmas cookies
  • String Cheerios
  • Visit christmas markets!
  • Most towns have private homes with christmas lights and decorations for the public to visit (ask your local town hall)
  • Make christmas decorations for the tree
  • Check out what is happening at your local town center, they often have festive activities, playgroups etc
  • Watch a classic Christmas movie – for kids and for parents

And if all of those things don’t cheer you up?  Hire a babysitter and take a few hours for yourself to do some shopping!

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