Children & Weddings – Should kids be invited?

Interesting article from the RMB Australia colleagues 🙂

Rockmybaby® Australia

When planning your wedding and the guest list, every couple is faced with the same question: should kids be invited? Unless you already have children, in which case they’ll be a big, beautiful part of your day –they did at our wedding.
If you are having a lot of young children at your wedding, you might want to consider having onsite childcare facilities, run by qualified nannies who can supervise the children throughout the day or during specific parts of the day. This can either be in a separate room from the reception or included in the same room as the wedding reception. These areas can be set up with art and crafts, books and age appropriate toys – keeping the children entertained and content throughout the wedding day. Rockmybaby Nanny Agency in Australia offer onsite childcare, tailor made to meet wedding couples requirements.

Often faced with the question…

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