Childcare ideas over the summer


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I know when summer holidays start approaching we think.. how are we going to manage working / getting things done when the kids are off school It is that time of year again, summer break. Some of us are going home or on holiday and others are working most of the summer or partly.  Lining up summer childcare is a process that normally starts in winter / spring but rarely works out that a single solution to summer child care does the trick. Particularly for those of us who work, even if you do have to employ several of these summer childcare ideas, the sooner you make a plan for summer, the easier life will be. So for those still needing help here are some ideas –

  • Summer Camps for the kids are all over Switzerland with different themes i.e. sports, theatre, excursions, arts and crafts etc. Check with your local town hall as well as any private schools in the area that may also offer summer childcare programs
  • Ask your company for flexible working / work from home options
  • Juggle care between you as parents – take turns as parents taking time off work
  • Swap childcare with other parents – alternate childcare days where you take their kids for a day and vice versa – plus it gives the kids a chance for a playdate!
  • Host a Summer Aupair –  Rockmybaby® can also help finding you a Summer Aupair or Live-in Nanny for a shorter period to cover the summer holidays
  • Ask family for support – if you have family in Switzerland now is a good time to enlist their help!

Hope this helps and if you need support with a Nanny / Babysitter or Summer Aupair, don’t hesitate to contact Rockmybaby to discuss your childcare needs on


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