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Benefits of a Live-in Nanny — October 17, 2016

Benefits of a Live-in Nanny



Have you been thinking of whether a live-in or live-out nanny is better suited to your family? Here are some benefits of a Live-in Nanny which may help you in your decision.

  • Are you in need of a flexible nanny? If you need to travel frequently for work, have irregular working hours, have a busy social life etc, you may want a more flexible nanny than when you have quite predictable working hours.
  • Do you want mornings to be less stressful? A live-in nanny is already in your home, so there is no waiting around in the morning until the nanny arrives.
  • Is cost a factor for you? Live-in nannies receive room and board as part of their compensation package, hence can cost less than live-out nannies.

Whatever you decide, live-in or live-out, be sure to decide for a person that fits in with your family and needs.

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Difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair in Switzerland? — December 10, 2014

Difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair in Switzerland?


A question we often get asked is “What is the difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair?” They are indeed very different and suitability for your family really depends on your needs and situation. For a stay at home mom who needs an extra pair of hands or for a family that needs a few hours a week whilst parents work, an Aupair is perfect, For a family that needs more hours and sole independent care of their children, a nanny will be more suitable. Some differences between a nanny and an aupair are listed below.

Au Pairs Live-in Nannies
Overview An au pair is normally a young foreign person who comes to a host country for a cultural experience, to live with the family on a 1 year work permit. They are normally between the ages of 19 and 30. The childcare experience of the aupair is generally limited. Live-in Nannies are experienced in childcare, with related childcare references and join the family as an employee. Nannies vary in age and experience and can either perform solely nanny duties or also take on a nanny/ housekeeper role.
Costs The cost of an aupair to a family is between 1500CHF-1800CHF per month including the aupairs allowance of approximately 700-800CHF per month, language school, health and accident insurance, taxes, social contributions and pension. The cost of a live-in nanny to a family is on average between 3200CHF-5000CHF per month (depending on experience) including costs for social contributions, taxes, insurances and pension.
Work hours An aupair works max 30 hours per week distributed over 6 days per week, of which only 50% can be unsupervised without a parent. A live-in nanny can work up to a maximum of 50 hours per week, of which all can be independently i.e. no parental supervision restrictions apply.

Rockmybaby can provide you with live-in nannies and should you require an aupair we have various partner aupair agencies we can refer you to. Please contact Tanya on to discuss your needs.

Live-in nanny / staff – what can be deducted from the salary? — September 26, 2014

Live-in nanny / staff – what can be deducted from the salary?

What is food and lodging and how is that calculated?

Live-in nannies and other live-in household staff salaries can have an amount of 990CHF deducted from their gross salaries for food and accomodation. The employmnet contributions (i.e. AHV / AVS) are calculated based on the gross salary including the food and accommodation amount.

 Wage rates Daily amount Monthly amount
 Breakfast  3.50.- 105.-
 Lunch  10.- 300.-
 Dinner  8.- 240.-
 Lodging / Accommodation  11.5.- 340.-
 Full food and lodging  33.- 990.-
Pros and Cons of a Live-in Nanny — July 28, 2013

Pros and Cons of a Live-in Nanny


When deciding to hire a live-in nanny, parents have to be aware of both the pros and cons and to carefully consider whether this arrangement would be suited to you and your family.

Pros of a Live-In Nanny

  • The nanny becomes part of the family, providing support to the family when parents have to work and need an extra pair of hands
  • Children are secure in having the same caregiver on a consistent basis
  • Live-in nannies have a more flexible schedule and can be there should you work late or need to leave early or watch the kids overnight
  • No need to rush the kids off to daycare before work early in the morning
  • You have someone you can use for babysitting (at an extra cost)
  • Live-in nannies often help with light housekeeping and run light errands
  • Live-in nanny salaries are more cost effective as you are providing the food and accommodation
  • There is some anecdotal evidence that the retention rate of a live-in nanny is better than their live-out counterparts

Cons of a Live-In Nanny

  • Monthly food and utility expenses will increase but this is evened out with the lower salary cost of a live-in nanny
  • Space needed in home to provide accommodation for the nanny
  • Less privacy as you are in essence sharing your private space with another person
  • May need to provide use of a car to the nanny
  • When you have a dispute can make things more awkward

Is a live-in nanny suited to your family?

  1. Do you mind having someone’s dirty socks lying around besides your family members?
  2. Can you deal with conflict constructively? Would you ignore the nanny in a conflict situation or communicate and resolve the issue openly?
  3. If your nanny comes home from a late night out, knocking over the pot plant on her way in, how would you react?
  4. Are you happy to have your nanny watch tv with you with her running commentaries?

What I’m trying to say here in a light hearted way is that hiring a live-in nanny is like accepting a new member into your family and that even though the family and nanny’s new lifestyle may need some adjustment, the pros outweigh the cons and can be the start to a long, mutually beneficial collaboration