Average Salaries for Nannies in Switzerland


Full-time live –in and live-out nanny salaries range between 3500CHF – 5000CHF per month gross on average depending on experience and qualifications and number of hours worked per month (full time standard hours are 43 hours a week in Zurich for nannies – each canton varies on standard hours too). For live-in nannies, an amount of 990CHF can be deducted from their salaries for food and accommodation. Hourly rates for nannies range between 20CHF-35CHF per hour gross on average, once again depending on experience and qualifications.

On top of the gross salary, the employer has to add his/ her contributions to AHV / AVS as per below, Accident Insurance and BVG (if salary above annual threshold of 21 150CHF). The employer is also responsible for deducting the employee contributions from the monthly gross salary and paying them to the appropriate institutions.

Below is a table outlining a gross monthly salary of 4000CHF and the relevant social deductions for the AHV / AVS – this is an example based on Zurich AHV office rates. Each canton varies slightly but this will give you a general idea.

Social Contributions % Basis Amount Employee Amount Employer Total
AVS /AHV/IV/EO 10.30 4’000 206.00 206.00 412.00
Family Fund 1.10 4’000. 44.00 44.00
Unemployment Insurance 2.20 4’000 44.00 44.00 88.00
Admin Costs AHV 5.00 412.00 20.60 20.60
Amount in CHF     250.00 314.60  
Total social deductions (to be billed to employer) 564.60

Additional, the BVG amount is dependent on age of the person and salary and is paid half by employer and half by employee. The employer is billed for total amount.

The occupational accident insurance is paid for by the employer and the non-occupational insurance is usually deducted from the employee’s salary however the employer has to organize both insurance policies.

There is a minimum salary range for domestic staff including nannies in Switzerland based on experience and qualifications – please see link 

For further details on salaries for nannies and contributions etc, see blog posts under Category “Switzerland Nanny Salaries etc”

Disclaimer – Rockmybaby ® is not an employment lawyer nor specialises in employment law and strongly suggests seeking advice from a lawyer when drawing up an employment contract. This post is intended for information purposes only and Rockmybaby® Switzerland cannot be held liable for any incorrect information. 

Nanny vs Daycare

Child painting at easel in school. Teacher help.

Nanny vs Daycare

Being in the situation myself and having to decide between a nanny and daycare and experiencing both, I can definitely see the pros and cons in both options and really at the end of the day will depend on the family’s circumstances, support network, financial abilities etc. From personally having a nanny and of course running a nanny agency, I have highlighted the biggest pros of having a nanny below –

Nanny’s can be more economical when you have more than one child

Families with more than one child will find that daycare costs get more expensive with each child and a nanny can be a more economical option overall.


Being a working parent and trying to manage the work times and daycare drop off / pick up times can be a nightmare. I remember when I worked in a corporate environment and my boss asked me to work late, I would need to find a plan B to accommodate collecting my daughter in time. Mornings are also less stressful as the nanny comes to your home and you don’t need to rush to get your child/ children dressed and fed before you leave. You can set the nannies schedule to accommodate your working times, which is a huge stress relief. Oh yes and no more worrying about traffic jams / late public transport and being in time to fetch your child before the doors close!

One on one care

Often in daycares the children are in a group of 10 + and if I remember for babies the ratio was one carer to 3 babies in our daycare – obviously with a nanny your child / children have sole focused care and attention at all times. By having a nanny, she becomes part of the family, someone you can build a personalized relationship with and that makes a huge difference. Here you can share your parenting philosophies and ensure you are on the same page when it comes to instilling discipline, learnings etc.

Being able to go to work when your child is ill

My first daughter started daycare when she was 5 months old – I must be honest and say it was one of the hardest times. She was consistently ill from the germs at daycare and we spent most weekends visiting the Children’s Hospital in Zurich. At one point we thought she had something wrong with her as she was always ill, but we were reassured by the doctors this was “normal” and that she would grow out of it. We decided to change to a nanny solution, which was much better for us all as I was consistently off work and to this day I am surprised I was not laid off as I was off almost weekly until we got a nanny. The nanny brought huge relief and we were able to regain some normality to our working lives again and weekends were spent at home instead of at the hospital! My daughter is now healthy and happy and even though she goes to school daily I am amazed how resilient she is to germs now.. so perhaps there were some benefits to the daycare in that regard too J

Your child is cared for in your own home

Knowing your child is being cared for by one person in the comfort of your own home is reassuring – knowing they can have a peaceful nap, surrounded by their own toys and things made me feel very at ease.

Nannies can help with light housekeeping

Depending on the agreement, some nannies are happy to help with all child related housekeeping and others may be happy to help with additional household duties, which is a huge help as working parents. We asked our nanny to make us all dinner, which was a huge help.

Learning another language

You may choose to have a German or French speaking nanny to get your little one used to a new language – this has huge benefits and will replace the need for extra language lessons J


Whether you choose a nanny or daycare, it really is a personal choice taking different aspects and circumstances into consideration.

Every situation is different and for sure daycares are fantastic services too, it’s all a matter of what’s best for you.

For your nanny needs, contact Tanya on tanya@rockmybaby.ch


Great post on Maternity Nurses from our London office.

Originally posted on Rockmybaby® London:

A maternity nurse is a specialist in the care of newborn babies and will literally move into your home when you come home from hospital with your new baby or babies! She will be on hand 24 hours a day for up to 5 or 6 days a week and will stay for as long as you choose to book her for.  Rockmybaby specializes in maternity placements.

She will guide and support the mother  with all the forthcoming challenges every parent is presented with, and much much more.  This includes everything from changing that first nappy, bathing, all feeds, bottle or breast, developing a routine and settling.  They will also take on the  the babies laundry,  maintaining the nursery,  and aim to establish some kind of structure to the day. Some are happy to cook, and even unload the dishwasher but this is not their priority.  Maternity nurses do not do…

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Employing a Maternity Nurse

A Mothers Embrace

Maternity Nurses are here to help with your new arrival/s, support moms post-partum and help mom and baby settle into a routine, provide night time care, assist with breastfeeding / bottle feeding, bathing and many other aspects of new born care. .

Having the knowledge, guidance  along with hands on support the Maternity Nurse will provide, helps create confidence with new parents and with their newest addition as well as helping parents to establish solid routines.

A Maternity Nurse will usually be on call 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week however this can be negotiated. Most of our maternity nurses only offer live-in care as they are based internationally

Costs & Salary Guide

Maternity nurses work either 6 days, 24hours or 5 days 24 hours or can be focused more on just days and nights. Maternity nurses are self employed, so they are responsible for their own tax and insurance deductions (please ensure you have accident insurance for staff in you’re your home). The travel to and from the booking is to be paid by the family for maternity nurses that travel from abroad or from another city.

A general guide to charges is listed below and will depend on qualifications & experience. The salary is quoted per 24 hours or gross per hour for overnights only.


Single baby – 180CHF-300CHF per 24 hours

Twins – 290cHF-330CHF per 24 hours

Triplets – TBD

These fees are negotiable with the maternity nurses.


Rate 25CHF per hour

Booking a Maternity Nurse

We strongly suggest you book in advance for your maternity nurse requirements – as our Maternity Nurses are often booked months in advance. To avoid disappointment, we suggest when the mother is approx. 4months pregnant to start looking and interviewing possible candidates, followed by securing your Maternity Nurse. If baby is overdue – the book Maternity Nurse should be paid a retainer of 50% of the agreed salary. We can of course always see who is available at short notoce and try help you best we can as we work together with our London agency to ensure we have a quality pool of candidates.

Please contact Tanya, to discuss your maternity nurse needs – tanya@rockmybaby.ch

Should we give our nanny a christmas bonus?

xmas blog pic

The end of the year is upon us and it seems like gifts and tips are becoming more requisite for hairdressers, school teachers, waiters and even personal trainers but what about your nanny? If your nanny has worked hard, put in long hours in a job that can be quite difficult it is nice to give her something at the end of the year.
Anything from a week’s salary to a 13th cheque is often rewarded for a nanny who has done a great job, along with a small token gift like chocolates or a candle. It is also nice to involve the children and ask them to make her a card. The nanny will be thrilled with this, as she will fee valued and appreciated and that brings long-term loyalty.

Difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair in Switzerland?


A question we often get asked is “What is the difference between a Live-in Nanny and an Aupair?” They are indeed very different and suitability for your family really depends on your needs and situation. For a stay at home mom who needs an extra pair of hands or for a family that needs a few hours a week whilst parents work, an Aupair is perfect, For a family that needs more hours and sole independent care of their children, a nanny will be more suitable. Some differences between a nanny and an aupair are listed below.

Au Pairs Live-in Nannies
Overview An au pair is normally a young foreign person who comes to a host country for a cultural experience, to live with the family on a 1 year work permit. They are normally between the ages of 19 and 30. The childcare experience of the aupair is generally limited. Live-in Nannies are experienced in childcare, with related childcare references and join the family as an employee. Nannies vary in age and experience and can either perform solely nanny duties or also take on a nanny/ housekeeper role.
Costs The cost of an aupair to a family is between 1500CHF-1800CHF per month including the aupairs allowance of approximately 700-800CHF per month, language school, health and accident insurance, taxes, social contributions and pension. The cost of a live-in nanny to a family is on average between 3200CHF-5000CHF per month (depending on experience) including costs for social contributions, taxes, insurances and pension.
Work hours An aupair works max 30 hours per week distributed over 6 days per week, of which only 50% can be unsupervised without a parent. A live-in nanny can work up to a maximum of 50 hours per week, of which all can be independently i.e. no parental supervision restrictions apply.

Rockmybaby can provide you with live-in nannies and should you require an aupair we have various partner aupair agencies we can refer you to. Please contact Tanya on info@rockmybaby.ch to discuss your needs.

How to choose the right nanny agency?

Finding and sourcing good quality childcare in Switzerland is not easy! If a parent goes onto Google, often you don’t know where to start when selecting a nanny agency.

How does a family decide which is the right nanny agency for them?

Rockmybaby receives most of its inquiries through word of mouth. Parents should realize their best resources are friends and family. Ask friends or family which agencies they used and if so were they happy with them? Also, when families start calling agencies they should ask how long they have been in business. Rockmybaby® Nanny Agency has been in business for since 2006 and has helped clients in New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Israel and the United Kingdom source top-notch childcare. They have had many years of experience and know their industry inside and out.


It is important that agencies are a part of professional associations. Rockmybaby® is part of the International Association of Nanny Agencies worldwide. These organizations pride themselves on high standards and therefore the agencies must enforce these standards. Reputable nanny agencies like Rockmybaby® always want to align themselves with professional organizations.
It is also important that families choose agencies who really care about your needs, offer personalised service and who will search tirelessly for the perfect candidate. Rockmybaby® Switzerland works with only top-notch nannies that have been thoroughly vetted, have solid experience and their references verified. Rockmybaby® takes these standards incredibly seriously and therefore their candidates are experienced and solid professional childcarers.
Rockmybaby® is also the best choice for a childcare agency because of their 24/7 on-line babysitting platform, with this system you can book a vetted babysitter instantaneously and receive confirmation generally within a few minutes! Let Rockmybaby® find a nanny or babysitter for you toda