Summer reading


By Ruth Maurandy (London Office)

Rockmybaby thinks summer’s lazy days are some of the best in life and having no day-to-day agenda is often a relief to busy parents. There is nothing like just be able to relax as the days go by, but many parents don’t realize the summer “brain drain,” can happen to children as young as pre-school.


Do you remember summer reading lists which came home in our backpacks because elementary school teachers did not want school age children’s brain’s to go on vacation? There are more new studies to suggest that even toddlers suffer from lack of reading over the summer holidays.


Reading is a gift you give a child for life and instilling a love for reading, especially during summer when children typically have more time is so important. Here are some tips for keeping your young children reading all summer long!


  • Read early and often. The early years are critical to developing a life long love of reading. It is never too early to start.
  • Lead and read by example! Make sure your children, even toddlers see you reading a book and not being glued to your smart phone!
  • Go to the library, it is free and can be a cool respite on a hot summer day!
  • Make it a bonding time, when you can have a cuddle and remind your child how special this time is!
  • Build your child’s vocabulary by reading more challenging books and making an effort to build those words into your conversations!
  • Read with humour and expression!
  • Talk about what is happening in the book, point out pictures, words and ask them questions.
  • It is OK to read some books for the 100th time, but this can also limit children’s vocabulary development so make sure you “keep it fresh,” with new stories
  • Do a book exchange with neighbors, family and friends!
  • Mention how we read from left to right and words are separated with spaces and punctuation.
  • Talk about words that you see in your environment
  • Have FUN!


Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

What points to include in your nanny employment contract

Once you have found that perfect nanny, it is very important to put put together an employment contract to ensure both you and the nanny are protected legally. In Switzerland, there are Standard Employment Contract regulations for Domestic Staff including nannies. It is very important to bear these in mind when drawing up a contract including minimum salaries.

I have listed below some key points to include in your nanny contract

  1. Include full name and addresses of both the employee and employer, contact details
  2. List the start date and whether the contract is open ended or fixed
  3. Outline the duties and responsibilities required in detail
  4. Salary and contributions / deductions
  5. Room and board provision if relevant
  6. Working hours, overtime etc
  7. Include a Confidentiality Clause
  8. Grievance procedure
  9. Termination, notice and probation clauses
  10. Holidays, illness etc
  11. Contact details to call in an emergency
  12. Special clauses / agreements

Rockmybaby now provides a separate service to assist families with setting up the employment relationship with the nanny including providing a draft contract, assistance with setting up social contributions, insurances and pensions. Please contact us for further details.

Disclaimer – Rockmybaby ®  is not an employment lawyer nor specialises in employment law and strongly suggests seeking advice from a lawyer when drawing up an employment contract

Summer Childcare – Help!


I know when summer holidays start approaching we think.. how are we going to manage working / getting things done when the kids are off school???… It is nearing that time of year again, summer break. Some of us are going home or on holiday and others are working most of the summer or partly.  Lining up summer childcare is a process that normally starts in winter, but rarely works out that a single solution to summer child care does the trick. Particularly for those of us who work, even if you do have to employ several of these summer childcare ideas, the sooner you make a plan for summer, the easier life will be. That is where Rockmybaby can help – we have some great nannies available for the summer!

Dont hesitate to call us if you need some further information or support or book your summer childcare solution through our website today!

Telephone +41 43 4440978

Maternity Nurse Demand on the rise in Switzerland


Maternity nurses are well known in the UK and US and other parts of Europe, but over the last few months we have definitely seen a rise in the demand for maternity nurses in Switzerland – so what is a maternity nurse?

A Maternity Nurse helps the Mother from the time she leaves the hospital until she and her baby are settled into a routine at home; providing night time care of baby, assisting with breastfeeding / bottle feeding, bathing and many other aspects of newborn care.

Having the knowledge, guidance along with the hands on support the Maternity Nurse will provide, helps create confidence with new parents and with their newest addition as well as helping parents to establish solid routines. And of course providing much needed rest to the parents – making everyone happier and able to cope with daily life better. I remember as a two time mom to newborns how this service would have been very welcome had I known about it..

A Maternity Nurse will usually be on call 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week however this can be negotiated. Most of our maternity nurses only offer live-in care as they are based internationally (we have a handful locally)

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your maternity nurse requirements.


Parenting Workshop – 50% discount!





Why Your Kids (sometimes) Misbehave and What You Can Do About It: Tools for a Happier Family Life

Rockmybaby Switzerland & Peaceworks Coaching are proud to present a half-day workshop for parents and nannies.
5 April 2014
1 pm- 4:30 pm
There is (nearly) always a reason why kids behave as they do, but what is it?
Why do kids rebel?
Why do they get locked into power struggles?
Or why do they just give up and feel hopeless and helpless?
In this workshop, you will learn just what is behind children’s behavior and how you can respond differently once you understand this. Concrete, practical tools will ease the daily stress of family life. The lively and fun activities laced throughout the workshop help you really “get” it and laugh while you learn, practice and share with others.

Kathleen Hennessy, LCSW is a clinical social worker and family coach with 30+ years of experience doing psychotherapy, teaching, school counseling and family coaching. As a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Ms. Hennessy takes great joy in sharing effective and delightful ways of supporting family life. In her parenting workshops, Ms. Hennessy also draws on Non-Violent Communication from Rosenberg and How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk from Faber and Mazlish.

Please join us for this life-changing workshop. We look forward to having you there.

You can sign up at the link below :

125CHF per person or
215CHF per couple

Register Now!

Gemeinschaftszentrum, Josefstrasse 187, 8005 Zürich
Course presented in English.

The 5 Most Important Questions to ask your Nanny

By Ruth Maurandy


1)    Tell me why you chose to be a nanny, what brought you into childcare

This is a very important question because you want to make sure that the nanny you hire is nannying your children for the right reasons i.e. she loves children and childcare and not because she just needs to earn some extra money.

2) How would you structure a day for my children, especially on a miserable wet Switzerland day?

Rockmybaby recommends that all parents suggest from the beginning that they want an “active nanny.”   It is very important to hire someone who is proactive, a self-starter and someone who seeks out enriching, educational and fun activities. Switzerland is full of amazing and often free activities. This is a very important question to ask and the nanny should be able to answer it without hesitation. Recently during the interview process a Rockmybaby candidate answered this question by saying “Rainy days are the best days! We do arts and crafts, make our own play-doh, create, rehearse and then perform a show for the parents when they come home from work…”   Her enthusiasm and positive attitude was so obvious and sincere!

3) How would you soothe a baby who could not stop crying in public or a 3-year old tantruming?

We have all had situations when our children cried uncontrollably (I am remembering a transatlantic flight and my daughter crying uncontrollably, so much so that we went into lavatory to give the other passengers a break from the noise) it is difficult, embarrassing and can make any caregiver feel powerless. It is important to know how a nanny is going to handle this situation.   She should discuss the importance of safety at that moment, especially for a tantruming toddler and being certain that the child cannot hurt them or anyone else.   Sometimes a child can be soothed and other times they just need to “ride it out,” but as a parent you need to be sure your nanny can handle this type of situation.

4) What would you do to ensure there is a clear communication between us? 

It is very important that the nanny and parents have a constant and on-going dialogue. Rockmybaby recommends a daily nanny diary to record meals, naps, activities, mood etc., especially in the beginning.   We recommend for the nanny to send photos during the day so the parents can feel connected to their children. Another way to maintain dialogue and contact is a 5-minute weekly meeting to make sure that everyone is aware about what is happening not only with the children but also in each other’s lives.

5) Tell me about your style of behavioral management?

It is very important that you and your nanny or babysitter have a “shared strategy,” when it comes to behavioral management.   The nanny or babysitter you choose is going to be spending a lot of time with your children and there will be times when she needs to manage your child’s behavior. As the parent it is essential that you are on the same page as the nanny when it comes to behavioral management or you will contradict each other and your children will receive mixed-messages and this is a disservice to everyone involved the children, the parents and the nanny