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How to choose the right nanny agency?

Finding and sourcing good quality childcare in Switzerland is not easy! If a parent goes onto Google, often you don’t know where to start when selecting a nanny agency.

How does a family decide which is the right nanny agency for them?

Rockmybaby receives most of its inquiries through word of mouth. Parents should realize their best resources are friends and family. Ask friends or family which agencies they used and if so were they happy with them? Also, when families start calling agencies they should ask how long they have been in business. Rockmybaby® Nanny Agency has been in business for since 2006 and has helped clients in New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Israel and the United Kingdom source top-notch childcare. They have had many years of experience and know their industry inside and out.


It is important that agencies are a part of professional associations. Rockmybaby® is part of the International Association of Nanny Agencies worldwide. These organizations pride themselves on high standards and therefore the agencies must enforce these standards. Reputable nanny agencies like Rockmybaby® always want to align themselves with professional organizations.
It is also important that families choose agencies who really care about your needs, offer personalised service and who will search tirelessly for the perfect candidate. Rockmybaby® Switzerland works with only top-notch nannies that have been thoroughly vetted, have solid experience and their references verified. Rockmybaby® takes these standards incredibly seriously and therefore their candidates are experienced and solid professional childcarers.
Rockmybaby® is also the best choice for a childcare agency because of their 24/7 on-line babysitting platform, with this system you can book a vetted babysitter instantaneously and receive confirmation generally within a few minutes! Let Rockmybaby® find a nanny or babysitter for you toda

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What accident insurances do I need for my nanny?

Accident insurance

When employing a nanny, families need to ensure they have the relevant accident insurances  -

  • for nannies who work less than 8 works per week: the family only need to ensure they have Occupational Accident insurance  – this is payable by the employer.
  • for nannies working eight hours or more per week: the family also need to ensure they take out an additional accident insurance called Non-Occupational Accident insurance – this monthly premium you may deduct from the nanny’s salary.

For more information on these accident insurances, please contact your insurance provider.

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What is the BVG / LPP pension plan that you need for your nanny?

BVG / LPP (Second Pillar Pension)

This is a Occupational Benefits plan and is compulsory if your nanny earns more than         21 060CHF per annum or 1755CHF per month – the employer will be responsible for taking out a second pillar pension for the employee. This premium is paid in equal parts monthly by both employer and employee.  Fo more information, please take a look at this link with relevant information – Meaning and Objectives of Occupational Pensions Funds

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What social contributions does a family have to pay for a nanny?

Social insurance contributions

Familes and Nannies have to contribute to AHV / AVS if the person is older than 17 years old. Half of the contributions are paid by the employer and the other half by the employee (deducted from their salary). You need to register your nanny with the AHV / AVS in your canton of residence after which you will receive quarterly invoices for the social contributions. The Invalidity Insurance, Family Insurances and the Unemployment Insurance also fall part of the social contributions and are all submitted through the AHV / AVS. Should the nanny earn less than 21 060CHF per annum, the income tax can also be submitted through the AHV.

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Live-in nanny / staff – what can be deducted from the salary?

What is food and lodging and how is that calculated?

Live-in nannies and other live-in household staff salaries can have an amount of 990CHF deducted from their gross salaries for food and accomodation. The employmnet contributions (i.e. AHV / AVS) are calculated based on the gross salary including the food and accommodation amount.

 Wage rates Daily amount Monthly amount
 Breakfast  3.50.- 105.-
 Lunch  10.- 300.-
 Dinner  8.- 240.-
 Lodging / Accommodation  11.5.- 340.-
 Full food and lodging  33.- 990.-

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What is the average salary for a nanny in Switzerland?

Ever wondered what an average salary is a for a nanny in Switzerland?

For an experienced nanny in Switzerland you would be looking at an average of 4500CHF-5000CHF per month gross (excluding employer contributions). For a full-time nanny with limited experience, the minimum salary is approximately 3800CHF per month gross. Live-in nannies would cost approximately 990CHF less per month as you can deduct this amount for food and accommodation. Hourly rates for nannies range between 23CHF-35CHF per hour gross on average depending on experience and number of hours employed.There is a minimum salary range for domestic staff in Switzerland including nannies based on experience and qualifications which will be featured in the next post on nanny salaries.

Contact Tanya for more advice on nanny salaries –

Tips for interviewing potential nannies


Understanding the role of a nanny, conducting interviews and establishing an open, professional relationship are all things that any employer can do to help make employing a nanny a success.

Ideally interview 2-3 candidates to make a comparison unless you find your perfect nanny from your 1st interview. Have interview questions prepared to provide structure to your interview.

Interviewing your nanny:

  • Inform the nanny about your family life and children,
  • Describe the job description, hours, holidays, housekeeping requirements etc,
  • Try ask the nanny open-ended questions, so as to get detailed answers from her i.e
  • What would you do in XYZ situation?etc,
  • Ask the nanny to tell you about herself, and what she is looking for in a new job,
  • Go through the nanny’s CV in detail, asking her to describe each nanny position and why she left,
  • Run through a list of questions relating to the nanny’s abilities as a childcare,
  • Views on discipline, activities for the children etc,
  • Ask the nanny if she has any specific questions,
  • Encourage the nanny to ask questions.

Call your best candidates back for a second interview. Give them a chance to spend some time with your children, to go through the finer details and any outstanding questions they may have. With live-in nannies – we actually recommend a trial weekend or week prior ro the nanny moving in permanently.

Finally, trust your intuition.

Talk to one of our Rockmybaby® consultants today to help with job descriptions, draft contracts and any other questions you may have. Email –


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